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Comprehensive Website Analysis

There are many similar websites out there competing against your website for your target audience. How your website performs among your competitors depends on many factors including SEO ranking in search engines which can attract more user traffic to your website.
This Web Report tool reviews these factors and analyses your website in detail to help you identify issues holding your site back from its true potential. Discover how you can actively improve your website with our recommendations to outshine your competitors.

Sample Screenshots of Report

What you get

  • Know your website visitors
    Website analytics allows you to measure the behavior of people on a website. This information can help guide your marketing decisions.
  • Structure your website content
    Well defined headings help users and search engines understand and prioritise your website content.
  • Let your users navigate your site
    Well defined links help users and search engines explore your website.
  • Control your search listing
    Your website’s title and description are displayed by search engines and when the website is shared on social media.

Checklist of Items in Web Report

  • 1. Content Management System
  • 2. Ecommerce
  • 3. Facebook Retargeting
  • 4. Heading
  • 5. Internal Links
  • 6. Last Updated
  • 7. Local Presence
  • 8. Page titles and descriptions
  • 9. Reviews
  • 10. Server Behavior
  • 11. Sitemap
  • 12. Video
  • 13. Website speed
  • 14. Adwords
  • 15. Amount of content
  • 16. Analytics
  • 17. Backlinks
  • 18. Contract Details
  • 19. Domain Age
  • 20. Mobile
  • 21. Organic Search
  • 22. Social Sharing
  • 23. Website Traffic
  • 24. Facebook Page
  • 25. Technology Profile
  • 26. Number of pages tested